Praktijk Garofoli

Training therapies, supervision and coaching

Personal Coaching, specifically for medical professionals/degrees, as well as training therapies and supervisions from a psychoanalytic-psychodynamic perspective, are part of my professional activities.

The psychodynamic approach usually involves deep exploration of the past, uncovering traumas and addressing issues that have long led to limiting or dysfunctional behavior. While this is not always desirable or feasible in coaching contexts, the principles of psychodynamics can be used in several ways, including helping the client understand something of their own complexities. As Catherine Sandler points out in her book “Executive Coaching – A Psychodynamic Approach”, there are some key assumptions: clients/coachees have unconscious thoughts and feelings; what is going on for the client on an emotional level is critical and clients often experience conflict between contradictory thoughts and feelings. As a consequence, characteristic defense patterns are developed in order to deal with internal conflict and experienced contradictory thoughts and feelings. These patterns are influenced by early life experiences and the coaching relationship can be a source of insight and an agent of change. Coaching can also help with understanding and handling the complexities of others. You will learn more about yourself and achieve a broader perspective about your own possibilities: the coaching process will help you further develop your professional potentials. It is also a way to learn how to regularly analyze feelings linked to your professional situation, in order to prevent burn-out.

Although I work from a psychodynamic perspective, we will especially focus on the “here and now” and on your present issues.

Coaching is not therapy. If your symptoms are too severe, I may advise you to enter a more comprehensive treatment, such as psychotherapy.